Keywee’s New Feature helps Publishers Build Opt-in Lists

Content distribution start-up Keywee has finally answered the call for what must be a much requested feature i.e to help publishers build their opt-in lists.

Keywee is calling these “content to capture” campaigns and offers a description of how it will work via a post on its blog:

“Today we’re excited to announce Content-to-Capture, a new product from Keywee that helps storytellers overcome the growing challenge of “owning” their audiences. Content-to-Capture campaigns amplify audience development efforts by capturing email addresses directly on Facebook while leveraging publishers’ and brands’ strongest asset: their content.

Utilizing Facebook Lead Ads, Content-to-Capture campaigns work by offering users a free article in exchange for their email addresses. Using Keywee’s platform to uncover audiences most likely to engage with each story, these campaigns enable publishers to grow their email subscriber list with valuable users at scale. In fact, Content-to-Capture campaigns generate more qualified email sign-ups at a lower cost-per-acquisition (CPA) than direct response ads or on-site email capture.”